Technologies Education

Tutorials as we know them in Australia involve 20-30 students discussing and exploring concepts presented in lectures. Most other countries use different systems, in the UK a tutorial may be with just one student, while many have much larger groups often involving several tutors.

In this Technologies Education course, the focus of tutorials is to practice approaches to teaching the Technologies subjects by incorporate the concepts presented in lectures and course notes. Course lecture time is halved to double this tutorial time.

Tutorials will be broken into three distinct phases:

1. Sharing with your classmates the lesson plans you have developed since the previous week, and then receive and provide peer feedback on the lessons.

2. Simulating your lesson plans using simSchool with new approaches progressively included into your lessons. Reports generated from simSchool will provide detailed analysis of the success or failure of the approaches you tried in your lessons.

3. Participate as a student in lessons that explore new approaches to teaching Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies subjects.

After your tutorial you will conduct a reflection on what you have learnt, and over the following week before your next tutorial, prepare two lesson plans that explore the concepts presented in your lectures and demonstrated in tutorials.

Tutorials will be recorded using 360 Degree Virtual Reality video for later review and may be live streamed, but tutorial activities are not currently structured to support off-campus study.