Zagami's Zeitgeist

Welcome to Dr Jason Zagami's personal view on the zeitgeist - spirit of the age, detailing his views on the intellectual and cultural climate of our era. While spanning generations and despite diverse ages, we experience a common world view and its influence on our social-cultural-technological progression.

Within this world view, Dr Zagami professes a contribution through:

  • an Educational Bellwether (service) - his creation and influence on educational trends and presage of future happenings;
  • an Educational Theora (research) - the way in which he looks at, contemplates, speculates, and views, the past, present and future of education;
  • an Educational Praxis (teaching) - the process by which he puts educational theory into practice and encourages students to consider; and
  • a Funktionslust (interests) - celebrating those things he enjoys.

"Teaching - changing minds"