Organisational Policy

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Organisational Policy

20% Contribution to your course grade with the following criteria:

  • 5% Organisational Vision/Mission Statement

  • 5% Stakeholder Analysis of Organisation

  • 5% Identification of organisational challenge

  • 5% Policy to address organisational challenge

Portfolio item due Monday Week 10 for feedback or Week 12

Your third portfolio task is to develop an organisational policy (expectations) on the use and implementation of an Educational Technology by your educational organisation (Portfolio item due Monday Week 12).

You will develop a policy document for your selected educational organisation of no more than 1000 words.

You will be expected to:

  1. Detail an orgnaisational vision/mission statement that incorporates the use of educational technologies. (Explored in Week 7)

  2. Conduct a stakeholder analysis of your organisation with respect to the changes required by the introduction of your selected educational technology. (Explored in Week 8) (This can be based on and use the simulation model developed for portfolio task 2)

  3. Identify the organisational challenges needed to be overcome to successfully introduce and sustain your intervention. (Explored in Week 9). (This can use the simulation model developed for portfolio task 2)

  4. Develop organisational policies to help address these organisational challenges.