The Linked.In of EdTech on the Gold Coast, connect with like-minded leaders in your field. Network with enthusiastic pre-service teachers and recent graduates through to experienced teachers and university academics. 


The Tesla of EdTech, sparking innovative breakthroughs and pioneering change in computer education. Explore new technologies and their application to your classroom, help develop curriculum, and introduce pedagogical changes to enliven your teaching. Creating the future for education you wish to see, today.


The Netflix of EdTech resources, with access to the latest practices and research in EdTech and CS education, and teaching resource libraries curated by local experts familiar with what works in Gold Coast schools.


The Duolingo of EdTech, with professional learning that supports your career progression through regular Teachmeets, workshops, conferences, and tertiary short courses. Build your portfolio of skills and receive recognition through QCOT recognised certificates and digital badging that can be displayed on Linked.In.


The of EdTech on the Gold Coast, supporting activism and action campaigns to improve computer education. Amplify your voice to improve education. Current campaigns include introducing AI into the Digital Technologies curriculum, reducing the assessment load of Digital Solutions, aligning Digital Technologies and Digital Solutions, and expanding the QLD CS curriculum back from a single subject to a discipline.


The Amnesty International of EdTech, championing the causes you care deeply about. It’s not just about being in the conversation; it’s about leading it, turning passion into policy, and advocacy into action. Current campaigns include the Digital Divide, Girls in IT, and Cross-Sector Sharing.