Dr Zagami follows the wisdom of many influential individuals and organisations, and provides this collection here to recognise them and assist others.

Analysis and Policy Observatory

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) is an open access knowledge hub and information service providing daily or weekly clippings on Australian policy and research.

CS Today

News clipping service by Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). USA focused.

Online Learning Daily

Online Learning Daily (OLDaily) provides daily or weekly clippings with commentary on online learning. Published by Stephen Downes.


Irregular newsletter summarising research into the TPACK model published by Harris & Wildman. Subscribe by sending a blank email to, with the following text in the subject line: subscribe FirstName LastName

Future Trends in Technology and Education

Future Trends in Technology and Education is a monthly report surveying recent developments in how education is changing, primarily under the impact of digital technologies. Published by Bryan Alexander.

Australian Educational Computing (AEC)

Journal of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) is published twice a year (usually).


Journal of the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE) is published twice a year (usually).

DLTV Journal

Journal of Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) is published twice a year (usually).


STEMIVERSE is a weekly podcast interview on STEM education. Published by Peter Dalmaris & Marcus Schappi. Dr Zagami was interviewed for STEMiverse 0034 with details at

Reclaim Today

Podcast series on web technologies. Published by Tim Owens, Jim Groom, Lauren Brumfield and Meredith Fierro.


Google Group that evolved from a mailing listserv which ran from 1995 to 2015.

Education Week

Education Week is a weekly education news bulletin from EducationHQ Australia.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) TechNews is published 3 times a week and provides computer science, information technology, and related science, society and technology news.

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Education (daily) and Inside Digital Learning (weekly) newsletters. USA focus.

Educause Review

Educause Review is a bimonthly publication for the higher education IT community.

Campus Technologies Series

IT Trends

IT Trends is a newsletter focusing on tactics & insights for Technology Leaders in Education. USA focus.

Campus Technology Learning Environments

Campus Technology Learning Environments is a newsletter focusing on Tech, Tools & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education. USA focus.

Campus Technology Insider

Campus Technology Insider is a newsletter focusing on Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology. USA focus.


IMMERSE is a newsletter focusing on AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator

C-Level View

C-Level View is a newsletter focusing on Strategic Discussions on Technology. USA focus.

Strategic Directions in Higher Ed

Strategic Directions in Higher Ed is a newsletter focusing on Strategic Directions in Higher Education. USA focus.

THE Journal Series

THE Journal is newsletter for administrative, technical, and academic technology leaders in K-12 education. USA focus.

THE Journal Insider

THE Journal Insider newsletter is focused on advancing the mission of education technology in K-12. Published monthly. USA focus.


IMMERSE K-12 newsletter is focused on transformative technologies emerging on the education scene - augmented and virtual reality, wearables and mobile devices. Published weekly. USA focus.

THE Blended Classroom

THE Blended learning newsletter is focused on learning through the combination of technology and face-to-face interaction with teachers. Published fortnightly. USA focus.

THE News Update

THE News Update newsletter is focused on the latest in technology trends, tools, and usage for K-12 instruction and administration. Published Weekly. USA focus.

THE IT Trends

IT Trends newsletter is focused on school networking, databases, hardware, developer tools, data security, wireless, virtualisation and cloud computing. Published fortnightly. USA focus.

K-12 Grant Alert

K-12 Grant Alert newsletter is focused on educational tools for their classrooms, from large-scale state and federal programs to corporate grants, competitions and sweepstakes specifically for K-12 schools. Published monthly. USA focus.

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces newsletter is focused on AV, Interactive Tech, Furnishings and Design for the 21st Century Smart Classroom. Published fortnightly. USA focus.

STEAM Universe

STEAM Universe magazine focuses on makerspace equipment and furnishings; 3D printers; robotics kits and curriculum; computer science/coding curriculum and DIY computer kits. Published monthly. USA focus.

Techcast Global

Forecasting company with weekly newsletter.

University World News

University World News is a weekly news clipping of issues in higher education.

Digital Education Research Network

Digital Education Research Network (DERN) is a network of researchers scholars, leaders, experts and colleagues interested in research about education and the use of digital technologies to improve teaching, learning and leadership. Published Fortnightly by ACER. Australian Focus. Requires Subscription.


Universal-Sci is a daily news clipping service on science.


Weekly podcast series on Educational Technologies.

Orbital Operations

Weekly newsletter of socio-cultural commentary by Warren Ellis.

Modern Learners

Weekly newsletter on education and technology by Will Richardson and Bruce Dixon.