Dr Zagami researches game systems and has a collection of over 200 board and wargames, several dozen miniature gaming systems, over 100 roleplaying game systems, and explores all forms of computer games. He has developed wargames and military simulations for the Australian Army, taught computer programming through game development using a wide range of platforms and languages in primary, secondary and tertiary environments, and develops educational simulations for the learning of teaching approaches and learning management. In 1987 he founded the Griffith University Gaming Club with Life Membership awarded in 1993, was captain of the Griffith University Chess Team from 1987 to 1989, and won the Queensland Diplomacy Championships with an 18c win in 1994. Dr Zagami was involved in the early developments of PBM (Play By Mail) long before the internet, Freeform gaming (the Australian precursor to LARP), and early developments in multiplayer computer gaming.

While less active in competitive gaming, Dr Zagami now conducts research into gaming and in particular the educational application of games.