Dr Zagami is authoring a fictional series of novels contextualised on the assumption that all religious and mythical texts record a perspective on historical truth and tracing the significant events of pre, historical and current times through the experiences of supernatural entities interacting with humanity. It is a mix of historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction genres with a dense, short story style.

Currently Dr Zagami is involved in a process of defining and detailing the interrelated timelines, events and actors that will be used for a series of narratives and character development stories. Narating stories from the perspectives of entities unbounded by linear time for readers bounded by sequential experiences is challenging but provides an interesting viewpoint on mythical, historical and current event.

Dr Zagami's fictional writing is a mythopoeia, relating and extrapolating mythemes, and using mythological themes and archetypes that while potentially referencing a true mythology, are not presented in his writings as truth. It is however distinct from fantasy worlds and fictional universes in that it is based on real-world mythologies that collectively form a ledgendarium.

Dr Zagami uses his fictional writing to derive spiritual and foundational truths from historical sources, religions and social structures, but gaps, backward extrapolations, cultural bias, and the inherent inconsistencies arising from the inclusion of multiple texts and mythologies necessitates significant fictionalisation that while collectively presenting a possible view of reality, is inherently, exceptionally improbable.