System Simulation

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Unit 2 Aims

Week 6 Learning Outcomes

Week 6 Recording

Week 6 Slides

System Simulation

Week 6 Learning Activities

Come to the tutorial prepared to discuss your organisational model and the leverage points that can be identified within your model that will have the greatest impact on your system intervention.

System Simulations

Minecraft Examples

Explore the Minecraft model.

Predator-Prey model

Explore the Predator-Prey model.

Active Learning model

Explore the Active Learning model.

Using systems thinking to leverage technology for
school improvement model

Explore the Using systems thinking to leverage technology for school improvement model.

Educational Approach Rankings Model

Explore the Educational Approach Rankings Model.

Growth Model

Explore the growth Model.

Job Automation Model

Explore the Job Automation Model.

Weight Projection Model

Explore the Weight Projection Model.

Early Childhood Education System Model

Explore the Early Childhood Education System Model.

University Enrolment Growth Model

Explore the University Enrolment Growth model.

Share to Teams something new you have learnt by exploring the various simulation models, and how you used the model to explore this.

Educational Policies

Designing Social Infrastructure Critical Issues in Creating Learning Environments With Technology.pdf
Bielaczyc, K. (2006). Designing social infrastructure: Critical issues in creating learning environments with technology. The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 15(3), 301-329. PDF Version (202KB)

Watch the video Flexible Learning Environments (4 minutes)

Share to Teams your experience with changing learning environments and how technology can support this environment.