Transformation Plan

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Transformation Plan

20% Contribution to your course grade with the following criteria:

  • 5% Identified differences between SEM and Organisational Vision

  • 5% Proposed Changes to achieve Vision

  • 5% Identification of Change Levers based on Stakeholder Analysis

  • 5% Transformational Change Evaluation Plan

Portfolio item presented during tutorial in Week 12 (or as a video by Monday, Week 13)

Your fourth portfolio task is to develop a Transformation Plan to implement and sustain an Educational Technology by an educational organisation (Portfolio item due for presentation during tutorial in Week 12).

Applying a Policy-Oriented Research approach (Explored in Week 10) you will present a plan to transform your selected educational organisation through the introduction of an education technology. Your presentation is to be no longer than 10 minutes.

You will be expected in your presentation to:

  1. Describe your organisational vision/mission and how this differs from the current state of your organisation as described by the SEM developed for portfolio task 1.

  2. Propose changes to your organisation that will achieve the vision/mission of your organisation, supported by the simulation modelling conducted in portfolio task 2.

  3. Identify the change levers (Explored in Week 10) based on the stakeholder analysis conducted in portfolio task 3.

  4. Develop a transformation change evaluation plan that will measure the level of success of your plan (Explored in Week 11).

To make screen recordings (e.g. you can go through a set of slides and record what is on your screen as a video) with audio from your microphone: