Design-Based Research Proposal

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Design-Based Research Proposal

20% Contribution to your course grade with the following criteria:

  • 5% Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) of organisation

  • 5% Design of intervention/change to EdTech

  • 5% Research contribution to intervention

  • 5% Evaluation plan of EdTech intervention

Portfolio item due Monday Week 4 for feedback or Week 12

Your first portfolio task is to Propose a Design-Based Research study on the use of an Educational Technology by an educational organisation (Portfolio item due Monday Week 4).

You will develop a 1000 word proposal to conduct a Design-Based Research study on an Educational Technology to be introduced into an educational organisation, with research on this process conducted in collaboration with members of the organisation using a Design-Based research methodology.

You will be expected to:

  1. Describe the educational organisation that you are preparing your Design-Based Research to be conducted within. This may be an individual classroom/teachers, group of teachers within a school, a faculty, a school, a cluster of schools, a department or sector, a state, or a national system. The scale is up to you and the effort required will be the same. Your description will be structured using the Social-Ecological Model that identifies key stakeholders in the organisation and the expectations they would have from your proposed changes - this will be explored in Week 2; 5 subsystems is sufficient.

  2. Describe the intervention you propose, the Educational Technologies (artefacts) that will be introduced or studied within this organisation in collaboration with members of the organisation, and what changes you might expect to occur as a result of this.

  3. Describe the Design-Based research process and research outcomes you expect as they relate to improving our academic understanding of education and educational technologies, and describe the organisational benefits you expect as a result of the collaborative process; and

  4. Describe how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the overall process, this is broader than the results of your research, and relates strongly to the individual factors that influence each of the different stakeholders you have identified in your Social Ecological Model.

Your first step is to choose an Educational Technology and you will develop a Design-Based Research proposal to explore how this Educational Technology could be adopted by an educational organisation. This will be explored in more detail in Week 1 on Change Research.

Next, you need to choose the level of your educational organisation (national, state, school, classroom, etc.) and the stakeholders for your organisation. This will be explored in more detail in Week 2 on Change Design.

You then describe the Design-Based research outcomes possible, including both academic and organisational research outcomes. This was explored in Week 1 on Change Research.

Then finally, you need to articulate how you would evaluate the Educational Technology adopted by your organisation in addition to the Design-Based research conducted, paying particular attention to the interests and expected outcomes of each of your identified stakeholders. This was explored in Week 2 on Change Design.