Systems Simulation

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Systems Simulation

20% Contribution to your course grade with the following criteria:

  • 5% Connection Circle

  • 5% Causal-Loop Development

  • 5% Simulation Development

  • 5% Simulation Analysis

Portfolio item due Monday Week 7 for feedback or Week 12

Your second portfolio task is to develop a systems simulation on the use of an Educational Technology by an educational organisation (Portfolio item due Monday Week 7).

You will develop a computer simulation using a connection circle to identify casual-loops and simulate changes in your selected organisation by changing the variables of the simulation. You will then analyse the effects of these changes on your simulation model and make recommendations on which variables will have the greatest positive effect on the organisation by presenting a range of scenarios of what might occur.

You will present a 500-1000 word report on the development of your connection circle, translation of this into causal loops, development of a computer simulation of these loops in an interconnected system, and modifying the variables of the simulation to produce a range of scenarios of what might occur.

You will be expected to:

  1. Describe the educational organisation that you are simulating and up to 15 causal links through a connection circle (explored in Week 4) based on a Socio-Ecological Model (explored in Week 2).

  2. Identify up to 5 causal loops from your connection circle and present these as individual causal-loop diagrams and as an interconnected loop diagram for your organisation. (explored in Week 5).

  3. Simulate your interconnected loop diagram using simulation software (explored in Week 6).

  4. Modify up to 5 variables of your simulation to explore the effect of such changes, and combinations of changes, on your system as a whole.

  5. Create up to 5 scenarios that explore the effect of different changes on your system.

Insightmaker is a tool used to create simulations.