System Modelling

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Unit 2 Aims

Week 5 Learning Outcomes

Week 5 Recording

Week 5 Slides

System Modelling

Week 5 Learning Activities

Come to the tutorial prepared to discuss your understanding of System Models and how we can tell research informed stories using system models to explain complex dynamics within systems.

Watch the video Systems Thinking

Lyons, M. (2004). Insights from complexity: organisational change and systems modelling. Systems Modelling: Theory and Practice. John Wiley, Chichester. 
Larsen, E., & Lomi, A. (2002). Representing change: a system model of organizational inertia and capabilities as dynamic accumulation processes. Simulation modelling practice and theory, 10(5-7), 271-296. 

Consider the following causal loop diagram paying particular note of the + and - Stocks and how these influence each other. Note the Flow descriptors on some arrows that explain what the interaction involves. Also note the Reinforcing loop that has been identified, and how different types of stock are colour coded. 


Bird Feeder Model

Explore the Bird Feeder Dilemma system model and use this to tell a story about the introduction of a new technology (Bird Feeder) into an organisational system (Garden) and the unintended consequences arising from this intervention.

Making Friends Model

Explore the Making Friends system model and use this to tell a story about social interactions within an educational system.

Share your social interaction story on Teams explaining how the Friendship model was used to explore the story.

Infections Model

Explore the Infections system model and use this to tell a story about a pandemic.

Share your pandemic story on Teams explaining how the Infections model was used to explore the story. You could suggest some elaborations to the model to make your story richer and how you could use simulations to develop your ideas. The focus is on using the simulation models to support the assertions and depth of your storytelling.

Guns at School Model

Explore the Guns at School simulation model. We will be examining this in detail in the tutorial, but consider how this simulation can be used to tell a range of informed stories, supported by data, by examining a variety of possible scenarios.