Educational Automation

Dr Zagami is researching the automation of teaching: what aspects of teaching can be automated, what (if anything) cannot, and how automated systems can augment teaching and learning processes.


Dr Zagami is exloring to what degree chat systems can establish rapport and relationships with students.

Google Dialogflow

IBM Watson

Build Your Own Chatbot

Cognitive Class CB0103EN


Dr Zagami is exploring how robots can augment the teaching process and to what degree they can autonomously carry out aspects of teaching, in particular how they can individualise student interactions and differentiate instruction.


Dr Zagami works with a NAO humanoid robot, increasingly developing its AI software to enable it to teach and engage with students.


Dr Zagami is 3D printing a full size R2D2 robot and outfitting it with projectors and other systems to act as an autonomous teaching assistant.

3D Printed Robots Forum


Open Source Robot Operating System is being used in the R2D2 build.

Automated Marking

Dr Zagami is exploring the use of text analysis combined with neural networks to accurately identify criteria indicators in student submissions.

Transforming Assessment