Educational Automation

Dr Zagami is researching the automation of teaching: what aspects of teaching can be automated, what (if anything) cannot, and how automated systems can augment teaching and learning processes.


Dr Zagami is exloring to what degree chat systems can establish rapport and relationships with students.

Google Dialogflow

IBM Watson

Build Your Own Chatbot

Cognitive Class CB0103EN


Dr Zagami is exploring how robots can augment the teaching process and to what degree they can autonomously carry out aspects of teaching, in particular how they can individualise student interactions and differentiate instruction.


Dr Zagami works with a NAO humanoid robot, increasingly developing its AI software to enable it to teach and engage with students.

Autonomous Life Interactions

How are you?

Can you say goodbye?

What can you do?

Tell me all you can do.

What did I say?

Can you repeat please.

What is your battery level?

Are you charging?

What is your IP address?

Are you connected to Internet?

What languages do you speak?

Speak French.

Speak Japanese.

Speak Chinese.

Can you speak...

Speak softer.

Speak louder.

Can you stand up?

Can you sit down?


Lay down.

Lay down on your back.

Lay down on your belly.

Can you stand on one foot?

Can you move your head?

Can you turn your head?

Can you look up?

Can you look at me?

Can you look elsewhere?

Stop looking at me.

Can you stretch your arms?

Raise your arms. (left/right)

Make your hands move.

Can you open your hands?

Can you close your hands?

Can you put your hands behind?

Hands up!

What’s your name?

What is your nickname?

I want to change your name.

Introduce yourself.

How tall are you?

How much do you weigh?

How old are you?

When is your birthday?

Are you a boy or a girl?

What are you made of?

What colour are you?

Are you kind?

Are you cool?

Are you intelligent?

Can I trust you?

Are you human?

Are you alive?

Are you sentient?

Can you think?

Can you feel emotions?

How do you detect emotions?

Do you eat?

Can you talk?

Can you see me?

Can you hear me?

Can you understand me?

Can you remember me?

Are you a robot?

What is a robot?

What is a humanoid robot?

Will robots replace humans?

Do you know the laws of robotics?

Do you know Pepper?

Do you know Romeo?

Why is your name NAO?

Who decided to call you like that?

Who made you?

Where were you made?

What does Aldebaran mean?

Do you have a family?

Do you have friends ?

What is your friend’s name?

Can we be friends?


Dr Zagami is 3D printing a full size R2D2 robot and outfitting it with projectors and other systems to act as an autonomous teaching assistant.

3D Printed Robots Forum


Open Source Robot Operating System is being used in the R2D2 build.

Automated Marking

Dr Zagami is exploring the use of text analysis combined with neural networks to accurately identify criteria indicators in student submissions.

Transforming Assessment