Sub Rosa

Dr Zagami has served actively in the Australian Army Reserve for 21 years from 1987 to 2008. Completing his officer training at the Queensland University Regiment (QUR) from the 1st of March 1987 to when he was commissioned on the 4th of March 1989 in the Australian Intelligence Corps (AUSTINT), his first posting was to the 1st Division Intelligence Company (now 1st Intelligence Battalion). Dr Zagami served as a Military Intelligence Liaison Officer (MILO) during Kangaroo 89 working with the NT and WA police forces. He completed 6 months full time duty in 1990, served as 9RAR Intelligence Officer on Tropic Lightning with the US 25th Infantry Division, with NORCOM for Kangaroo 92, and with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Force on Tandem Thrust.

Dr Zagami has had postings to QUR, 1 DIV INT COY, HQ 7BDE, HQ 7TF, HQ 1DIV, DJFHQ, SMI, 1TRG GP, 1 INT BN, 7CSR(INT COY) with appointments to HQ 9RAR, HQ 25th INF DIV (USA), NORCOM, and HQ 31MEF (USA).

Dr Zagami has served in a wide variety of military intelligence roles - combat intelligence, intelligence analysis, field security, human intelligence, counter intelligence, and psychological operations. He has completed various officer development, training command, corps and staff officer development courses, instructed for several years at the Canungra School of Military Intelligence, assisted in research and development of the Corps museum at the Canungra Land Warfare Centre, and was appointed to establish the 7th Command Support Regiment Intelligence Company. Dr Zagami developed the initial 1 INT psychological operations capability, intelligence and GIS analysis information systems for DJFHQ, a nescient information warfare capability for HQ 7BDE, and computer wargames and simulations for HQ 1 DIV. Dr Zagami transfered to the inactive reserve on the 4th of March 2008 at the rank of Captain (having completed promotion requirements to Major) with full time employment and full time doctoral studies competing with command responsibilities for an integrated (regular and reserve) unit contributing to INTERFET operational deployments on Operation Warden (1999 - 2000), Operation Citadel (2003 - 2004) and Operation Astute (2006). He retains the Queen's commission, and is a member of the Australian Intelligence Corps Association.