Change Management

Transformational Educational Technologies

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Unit 4 Aims

Week 11 Learning Outcomes

Week 11 Recording

Week 11 Slides

Change Management

Week 11 Learning Activities

Come to the tutorial prepared to discuss how you will evaluate your Transformation Plan.

Stevens, F. (1993). User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation: Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education. 

Share to Teams examples of Planning, Implemention, Progress and Summative evaluations.

Intel Education. (2013). Evaluating Your Technology Integration Initiative: Pointers for Success. 

Share to Teams some of the short, medium and long term goals of your transformation plan.

Chinapah, V., & Miron, G. (1989). Education evaluation manual: approaches, designs, and techniques in evaluating educational programs and projects: holistic considerations for developing countries. 

Share to Teams some of the techniques you are thinking of using for your evaluation plan.

Come to the tutorial prepared to discuss your evaluation plan.