Dr Zagami has been president of the Griffith University Astronomical Society from 1989 to 1992, and involved with the South East Queensland Astronomical Society, the Brisbane Astronomical Society, the Southern Astronomical Society, and the Queensland Astronomical Society. Dr Zagami has taught space sciences courses in primary and secondary, organises astronomical viewing events, space exploration simulations, and robotic exploration experiences. He was one of 5 educators selected worldwide to attend the 213th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union and Bioastronomy 2002 on Hamilton Island (meeting Frank Drake and Jill Tarter) that developed many ongoing contacts with NASA education and the SETI programme. In 2011 he participated in Gamily SETI an international competition to explore means of using gameplay to analyse SETI data. Dr Zagami has developed programmes for use in schools to build telescopes, satellites, rockets and radio telescopes, taught programming and robotics through the development of space exploration vehicles, actively supported the Robocup Junior competition, and run several 'days of excellence' camps in robotics and space science. Dr Zagami has a particular research interest in student cosmological conceptions and the reconciliation process with observed experiences, theological creation stories, and cultural portrayals.

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