Neural Feedback

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Neural Feedback

During lectures we will be recording and displaying student brainwave patterns to highlight concepts of interest and how thinking about these changes our brain activity.

Neural Feedback

EEG Mapping of Learning Research

Dr Zagami is conducting research into the use of brain wave visualisations to improve teaching and learning.

Each lecture, up to eight students may volunteer to have your brain activity monitored using wireless Electroencephalography (EEG) headsets that can detect the electrical signals produced by the neurons firing in your brain.

Participants will wear a headset for at least 15 minutes and your brain activity will be monitored as four concepts are presented during the lecture, and your interest/engagement level will be monitored at four points.

This will be displayed to you on a mobile device that you can monitor during the lecture, and Dr Zagami can analyse after the lecture when your interest was stimulated and when you were thinking deeply about concepts presented.

Your brainwaves may also be displayed during the lecture to highlight to students when they should be thinking deeply about various concepts.

To participate you will need to be seated in the front row and arrive at least 5 minutes before the lecture begins, and because this data may contribute to Dr Zagami's research into the use of EEG signals in education, you will need to provide consent to participate by filling in an online form.

Informed Consent

Please complete the Informed Consent form to participate.

Informed Consent - EEG Mapping of learning (Student)