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Completion of introductory processes (2%) (required)

You can find out everything you need to know about Dr Zagami on this website, but with 20 of you studying this course, Dr Zagami has a harder time getting to know each of you, and for you to know each other. To assist in this, please complete a brief introduction by text, photograph, audio or short video clip using the Padlet tool below. Try some approaches out, get creative, you can delete drafts. In your introduction let us know who you are, your interests and passions. Please try and make your introduction memorable, that is the point, what will help everyone remember you from the other student introductions! Make sure though that you also include your real name as the title.

There are many guides to introducing yourself, e.g.

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Tell about What you do
  • Tell about who you are
  • Tell about what you like
  • Tell about how you are different
  • Tell about your achievements

You will be introducing yourself throughout your life, to every class, meeting, and person you meet, you may as well put a little effort into make your introductions great!


Some examples (no pressure).