Predicting the Future

Making Sense of Learning and New Technologies

To be a futurist, in pursuit of improving reality, is not to have your face continually turned upstream, waiting for the future to come. To improve reality is to clearly see where you are, and then wonder how to make that better.

Warren Ellis

Predicting the Future

Required readings PRIOR to the online discussion in Week 3

2017-nmc-cosn-horizon-report-k12-EN (2).pdf
2017-nmc-horizon-report-he-EN (1).pdf

Freeman, A., Becker, S. A., & Cummins, M. (2017). NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2017 K-12 . The New Media Consortium.

PDF Version (2.45MB)

Becker, S. A., Cummins, M., Davis, A., Freeman, A., Hall, C. G., & Ananthanarayanan, V. (2017). NMC horizon report: 2017 higher education edition. The New Media Consortium.

PDF Version (2.54MB)