Delphi Study

Making Sense of Learning and New Technologies

You will undertake a consensus analysis using a Delphi study and submit a 3000-word document describing the process and outcomes of your research by the end of Week 7.

Drawing on the Delphi study activity modelled in Weeks 1 to 3, you are to develop and conduct your own Delphi study to gain an expert consensus on the trends, technologies and challenges facing a selected organisation (a nation, university, school, or business).

  1. Analyse your selected organisation using the systems modelling techniques discussed in Week 2: Understanding Educational Trends, and construct a connection circle and flow map for your organisation;
  2. From your systems analysis, identify a challenge facing your selected organisation and using the techniques discussed in Week 1, research this challenge to develop a question and 10 options to ask your experts based on the trends, technologies, and challenges explored in Weeks 4, 5 and 6. Your question and 10 options should yield a ranking from the range of options you provide;
  3. Create two copies of a survey using the website.
  4. Invite 10 experts to participate in your Delphi study who have knowledge of your organisational context and the trends, technologies and challenges you are exploring in your question;
  5. Manage two rounds of Delphi study refinement to develop an expert consensus to your question and 10 options. This means you will need to have created two surveys, have your participants complete the first, share with them the results, and then have them complete the survey again; and
  6. Evaluate the usefulness of the expert consensus predictions to inform decision making in your organisational system model, developing two distinct futures scenarios (discussed in Week 3) from your systems model to guide your organisation's consideration of the expert consensus.

Submit a 3000-word document with the following headings: (the following are only suggested word lengths)

    • [Organisation] Systems Model (300 words)
    • Educational challenges facing [Organisation] (200 words)
    • Question and 10 options to be considered by [Organisation] (200 words)
    • Initial expert perspectives on the challenges facing [Organisation] (400 words)
    • Considered expert perspectives on the challenges facing [Organisation] (400 words)
    • [Organisation] Futures Scenario 1 (600 words)
    • [Organisation] Futures Scenario 2 (600 words)
    • Usefulness of predictions to inform decision making with the [Organisation] Systems Model (300 words)

You will submit your Delphi study on Learning@Griffith.

Delphi Study


Wiki Survey tool you will use to create your Delphi surveys.

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