There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience.

Archibald MacLeish

simSchool is a classroom simulation developed to let you practice different approaches to teaching with simulated students. It includes models of learning, cognition and emotion (including the OCEAN Model of Psychology, structural-functional, and constructivist learning theories), simSchool provides a safe environment where you can explore concepts, creating and teaching virtual, artificially intelligent students that behave as real students would. "The students are virtual, but the learning is very real."

While Simschool can be used in many different ways, we will be using it to enable you to explore and practice different teaching strategies, reviewing and relating different approaches that you will elaborate on in your first assessment task, and helping you to develop a class profile, plan and assess a unit of work, and two lesson plans, for your second assessment task.

You will undertake teaching practice sessions using simSchool, and you are able to use simSchool to continue this practice between sessions.


Week 1 simSchool

Week 2 Content simSchool

Week 3 Pedagogy simSchool

Week 4 STrategic, Futures and Systems Thinking simSchool

Week 5 Computational and Design Thinking simSchool