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Task 1

Assignment 1 due 16/4/18 (Monday 9am)

Review & Relate

Review and Relate Task

This task will have two components: REVIEW and RELATE. In the REVIEW section, students will focus on deepening their content knowledge and will complete a literature review of learning activities (500 words) and projects (500 words) identified as relevant to Digital Technologies in the junior secondary classroom, including how these assess student learning. Essentially, you will identify at least 10 activity based resources and at least 10 project based learning activities, and annotate these to explain their relevance to the curriculum (consider the rational and aims, not just content descriptors), and how the activities could assess student learning. Provide an APA style reference to the activities and projects (see the research topic page for style guides).

In the RELATE section, students will compare the application of sequences of learning activities to the integration of activities to support projects (500 words) and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches to developing student knowledge and skills (including higher order thinking skills of design, computational, and systems thinking) (500 words), and two sets of principles to support these approaches. (250 words each). Essentially, how do sequences of learning activities compare to project based learning, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each in developing lower order skills and higher order thinking, and summarise each approaches strengths in a statement of principles.

Assignments are submitted via Learning@Griffith

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Criteria Sheet (Word)

If in the unfortunate event you require an extension and meet university requirements, submit an extension request via email to your course convenor with supporting documentation and in your covering email, detail the time period requested. Please note that extension requests in excess of 2 days will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and that medical certificates should be completed using the extension request form and make specific reference to your incapacity to complete the assignment.

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7060EDN C, P & A (DigitalTechnologies) Assessment Task 1 Schema