Task 2

Assignment 2 due Midnight Sunday Week 7


Planning Task

Based on the activities explored in the REVIEW section of the Review and Relate Assignment 1, and drawing on the advantages identified in the RELATE section for activity sequences:

  1. Develop a profile (250 words) of a particular junior secondary Digital Technologies class including: key demographics, identification of relevant literacy levels (including ICT) evident in national benchmark data, and information on pupils’ previous experience in computing sourced from a school website.

  2. Create a (250 word) unit overview for this class that also identifies the preceding and following unit content and focus.

  3. Design an assessment instrument to assess learning in this unit and explain your rationale for your assessment approach. (250 words)

  4. Develop and document two sequenced lesson plans for this class that provide details of, and a rationale for the strategies used. (500 words each)

  5. Provide a list of accompanying resources to be used to support learning across the two lessons and explain your rationale for their inclusion. (500 words)

Essentially, you are to profile a real school and create a fictional Digital Technologies class, briefly describe a term or semesters work and a particular unit within this, an assessment task that students will be completing to demonstrate their learning for that unit, detail two lesson plans for the unit, and the resources you have identified to support your lessons.

A template is provided to assist you in structuring the task.

Assignments are submitted via Learning@Griffith

7060EDN C, P & A (DigitalTechnologies) Assessment Task 2 Schema.docx

Criteria Sheet (Word)

Planning Template.docx

Template (word)

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7060EDN C, P & A (DigitalTechnologies) Assessment Task 2 Schema
Planning Template.docx