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Post to Teams an experience you have had in a Nominal Group, Consensus Development Panel, or Delphi Study. If no experience, share an experience of coming up with a consensus.

Practice Delphi Survey

We will be using the AllOurIdeas tool to conduct the consensus surveys for your Delphi Study assignment.

First though, we will do a practice survey together. (if cookies block the embedded AllOurIdeas, use this link)

Contribute at least 5 educational technologies to the survey using "Add your own ideas here" and submit your list of ideas into Teams. Do not worry about the correctness or quality of your ideas, but they must represent educational technologies options.

Before adding new educational technologies to the survey, view the "View Results" tab to see what technologies have already been added. You should not duplicate existing technologies.

Do not start voting on the options just yet, leave sufficient time for everyone to contribute ideas, and we will vote on the Educational Technologies submitted during Week 9.

You will be creating your own survey for your Delphi Study assignment and this is to practice you in the process. You should create your own AllOurIdeas account and some practice surveys to familiarise yourself with the process.

Post to Teams the 5 educational technologies you have contributed to the survey

During week 9, vote on the educational technologies we have contributed to the Delphi survey in Week 8.

This models the Delphi survey process you will use for your first assignment, where you decide on a question to be answered by developing a set of responses to your research question, and develop a consensus from your experts, providing them with 10 options to choose between (not having your participants generate the options as in our practice). They will then vote as we will do (about 30 times per participant), and you will generate a ranked list of the choices you provided your experts, from the ones they think best answered your research question, to the worst. This will occur twice, with analysis after each round - more detail in the Delphi Study assignment page.

While modified Dephi Studies sometimes include participant generation of the possible responses to a research question, and we are demonstrating that here, for your assignment, you will pre-determine the research question and possible responses for your participants.

Post to Teams a research question that could be addressed using the Delphi Research method