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Case Study Research

20% Contribution to your course grade

  • 5% Data Sources (up to 5)

  • 5% Identification of Questions (up to 5)

  • 5% Critical Analysis of Answers (up to 5)

  • 5% Recommendations (up to 5)

Portfolio item due Week 12 during online video conference or on-campus tutorial

Your fourth annd final assignment is to conduct a case study into how an educational technology is being used in an educational organisation, and this is to be presented as a live videoconference presentation (during which you may share your screen/slides) or you may produce a video, upload this to Youtube or other accessable video sharing platform, and submit an accessable link to this online video of your presentation.

Your presentation is to be no longer than 10 minutes and may include shared screens/slideshows but it would be expected that you talk to any presentation (live video or recorded video).

You will be expected to:

  • Use a wide range of data sources for your study.

  • Explore a range of questions related to the use of the technology in the organisation;

  • Conduct a critical analysis of the answers to these questions; and

  • Provide a range of recommendation for the organisation as a result of your critical analysis.

Your Case Study will be presented in Week 12 during the video conference or as a video presentation uploaded to an accessable video sharing site such as Youtube. You may share your screen, use and speak to a slide presentation or other media during your presentation.

Your choice of educational organisation is open, it may be a school, university, child care, language centre, etc. as long as it has education as a focus and is making use of an educational technology that you can investtigate.

You only need to conduct a single case investigation for this study, however within this case you may choose the population under inestigation, i.e. students, staff, class, schools, etc. but be mindful of the scope of this study, it is not expected that you conduct multi-case sampling but may conduct within-case sampling i.e. interviewing several teachers on how they are doing online courses if the population of the study was a school, or examining the use of a LMS by several lecturers if the population under investigation was a university.

You must present or submit your Case Study in week 12, with feedback and marks available before week 14.

Your Case Study presentation should be no longer that 10 minutes.

There will be four criteria you should address:

  • Data Sources (up to 5)

  • Identification of Questions (up to 5)

  • Critical Analysis of Answers (up to 5); and

  • Recommendations (up to 5)

There is no suggested structure, but each criteria is of equal weight.

To make screen recordings (e.g. you can go through a set of slides and record what is on your screen as a video) with audio from your microphone: