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Creating Educational Technologies

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Instructional Guide

20% Contribution to your course grade

  • 5% Understanding of Educational Technology

  • 5% Comprehensiveness of instructions

  • 5% Clarity of instructions

  • 5% Effectiveness of visualisations

Portfolio item due Friday 9am Week 3 for feedback or Week 12 9am

Your first assignment is to develop a 2 page instructional guide (max 1000 words) to an Educational Technology. Examples of Educational Technologies are provided, but you can choose any Educational Technology you feel best enables you to meet the assessment ctiteria.

You will be expected to:

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the Educational Technology you have chosen;

  2. Provide comprehensive instructions on how to use the Educational Technology (This does not mean you have to explain every feature and possibility, but that which you do explain, should be comprehensive);

  3. Your instructions should be clear and unambiguous, without the use of overly technical terms, and be suscinct; and

  4. You should create, i.e. not just copy from existing guides, graphics or images to improve the understanding of your instructions. They should NOT just be decorative.

You should first choose an Educational Technology so as to be able to discuss it during tutorials and in the online forum and receive feedback from your colleagues on your approach.

Your understanding of your selected Educational Technology is not just how the tool works, but how it can be applied. In his cointext, you will need to show how it supports learning outcomes, and this will be explored in Week 2 as we examine various curriculum (choices made on what is taugh) agendas related to Educational Technology.

You will also need to explain how the Educational Technology can support teaching and learning, it is not just how to learn abou the technology, but how this Educational Technology is used to support learning in a paricular way, we call this a pedagogy.

While 50% of the task is demonstrating your understanding of the technology and how to use it, the other 50% is on how you present this.

Your instructions need to be well presented and you should look at a wide range of example approaches o develop your own presentation style.

You need to develop your own graphics or images that directly improve your instructions. There are a wide range of free tools available to create images and graphics e.g. and are webbased, while is an installable image creation program.

Your Instructional Guide must be PDF based and while you do need to include diagrams or images, your guide cannot include video.

Your final two page guide should be saved as a PDF file and submitted via Learning@griffith. Font size must be no less that 10 point.