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Secondary Worlds and Co-creation

To assist you in unpacking the text, in Teams:

  • post a personal example of a game you have played that involved an alternate world - this may relate to a book or movie, or have been developed purely for the game.

  • Try and describe the Philosophical, the Epic, and the Naïve aspects of the game.

  • Was there any opportunity for you to contribute to this narrative?

  • What examples of secondary World Co-creation exist for the game (you may need to search for this, but look for examples of fan fiction, movies, tv-series, memorabilia, action figures, etc.).

  • While not supported by the Twine tool, describe a process by which players might contribute to the co-creation of your computer game (assuming the game tool permitted this).

  • Describe the mental model that player develop using your computer game - using the three levels of Philosophical, the Epic, and the Naïve.

  • What type of game (Taxonomy) would your game best suit and why?

  • Using the GPACKs model, describe what pedagogy, technologies, content, and players, that your game would be most effective for, educationally.

Educational Gaming.pdf
Zagami, J. (2012). Educational Gaming. Brisbane, QLD: EduTechPress.
PDF Version (9.4MB) iBook Version – iPad only (20.1MB)

Virtual Worlds

To assist you in unpacking the text, in Teams, post answers to:

  • How does a virtual world differ to a Learning Management System such as Learning@Griffith/Blackboard?

  • What could be an example of Machinima for teaching a concept?

  • If you have experienced a virtual world, what was your impression?

  • Describe a virtual world that could assist you in your teaching.

Virtual Worlds in Education.pdf
Zagami, J. (2012). Virtual Worlds in Education. Brisbane, QLD: EduTechPress.
PDF Version (12MB) iBook Version – iPad only (17MB)


Discuss in Teams the advantages and disadvantages of using SimSchool to introduce classroom teaching for preservice/beginner teachers.

SimSchool http://onboarding.simschool.orgWith 30 accounts, username:, demo2 etc. and the password: griffithTo access the Training Modules: