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Educational Technology Solution

20% Contribution to your course grade

  • 5% Originality (uniqueness of concept)

  • 5% Creativity (Innovation in mechanics)

  • 5% Clarity of Purpose (clear learning objectives)

  • 5% Complexity of learning (depth of learning objectives)

Portfolio item due Week 12 during online video conference or on-campus tutorial

Your fourth and final assignment is to propose an Educational Technology solution to a problem. You do not need to create the Educational Technology, but you will need to propose a new approach to using an existing technology or propose a new technology that addresses an educational problem. Describe this in a way that best enables you to meet the assessment criteria, and present this as a live videoconference presentation (during which you may share your screen/slides) or you may produce a video, upload this to Youtube or other accessible video sharing platform, and submit an accessible link to this online video of your presentation.

Your presentation is to be no longer than 10 minutes and may include shared screens/slideshows but it would be expected that you talk to any presentation (live video or recorded video).

You will be expected to:

  1. Develop an original educational technology solution to a problem - this is determined by the uniqueness of your concept;

  2. Describe a creative solution - detailing the creative ways you have incorporated technology towards meeting an educational goal;

  3. Clearly explain the purpose of your solution- articulating your learning objectives, idea, solution, and technologies in your presentation; and

  4. Demonstrating complexity of learning achievable - describing how your solution will go beyond surface learning to deeply engage students in achieving learning objectives.

To make screen recordings (e.g. you can go through a set of slides and record what is on your screen as a video) with audio from your microphone: