Planning and Assessment

Digital Solutions

Task 2

Assignment 2 due 8/10/18 (Monday 9am)

Planning and Assessment

Annotated Planning and Assessment Task

In this task students will:

  • Select one of the unit overviews required by the QCAA for the teaching of Digital Solutions in Year 11.
  • Design a formative internal assessment task for a specific Year 11 Digital Solutions class based on this unit overview and its pre-identified unit objectives.
  • Students will then be required to annotate this task to justify its various components. Alignment with at least one of the internal summative assessment tasks for Year 12 and the various Instrument Specific Marking Guides (ISMG) will also need to be justified.
  • Design a sequence of three lessons that support this task and are in line with the QCAA unit overview, with careful selection of resources and strategies being emphasised. Once again, these lesson plans will need to be justified through the use of annotations

Assignments are submitted via Learning@Griffith

7060EDN C, P & A (Digital Solutions) Assessment Task 2 Schema
Planning Template.docx

Template (word)

7060EDN C, P & A (Digital Solutions) Assessment Task 2 Schema
Planning Template Senior

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