Portfolio of Learning

Technologies Education

In this assessment task, you will submit a portfolio of four (4) Design and Technology and Digital Technologies lesson plans, with at least one of each type. The purpose of the assessment task is for you to engage with lesson planning and activity sequencing. During tutorials each week (from 2 to 11) you will share lesson ideas and plans you have developed, simulate these lessons, receive and provide peer feedback, and develop a collection of effective teaching strategies on which to draw upon to provide a portfolio of your best four lesson plans at the conclusion of the course that demonstrate your ability to plan and implement learning sequences and lessons in the Technologies learning area. A basic template for lesson plans will be provided, but this is not prescribed.

Portfolio submissions will be assessed on how well they meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of strategies for differentiating Technologies teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities.
  • Demonstrate an ability to organise Technologies content into an effective learning and teaching sequence.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use curriculum, assessment and reporting knowledge to design Technologies learning sequences and lesson plans.
  • Demonstrate an ability to implement teaching strategies for using ICT to expand Technologies curriculum learning opportunities for students.
  • Demonstrate an ability to plan Technologies lesson sequences using knowledge of student learning, content and effective teaching strategies.
  • Demonstrate an ability to include a range of teaching strategies.

You are free to use any lesson plan format you wish, but should note that many aspects of popular templates address material not examined in the above criteria, and would not contribute to your mark. You are encouraged to not include material not addressing Technologies education and the assessed elements.

You portfolio should not exceed 2500 words in total.

It is expected that your lesson plans will represent world best practice in teaching the topics and year levels you have selected, drawing upon extensive research you have made into how these topics can best be taught. You should reference using APA the materials upon which you draw ideas, and contextualise your lesson plans for an imaginary class and school on the Gold Coast, using a local context and the curriculum requirements of the Australian Curriculum, meeting the differentiated needs of the imaginary students in your class, and making effective use of your imaginary schools extensive ICT and technologies resources.

Portfolio of Learning

Due Date

9am 8th of October 2018

Portfolio of Learning

Weekly Lesson Plans & Feedback

(22 lesson plans)

Lesson Plan Simulations

(22 simulations)

Design & Technologies Lesson Plans

(1-3 Lesson Plans)

Digital Technologies Lesson Plans

(1-3 Lesson Plans)

Portfolio of Learning

(4 Lesson Plans)

Each week during the course you will prepare lesson plans for teaching Design and Technology and Digital Technologies concepts, peer review each other's lessons, and simulate your lessons using SimSchool. Each week will focus on a different aspect of lesson design or curriculum content. Your Portfolio of Learning will represent your best 4 lessons, at least one from each subject, as well as demonstrating your ability to manage learning time, sequence activities, differentiate learning, and use a range of teaching strategies.

Lesson Plans

Marking Rubric

available on Learning@Griffith

Assessment of your Portfolio of Learning lesson plans is by the criteria detailed in marking rubric on Learning@Griffith. All criteria are of equal weight (+ or - 1 mark rounding).

Marking Rubric


Submission of the Portfolio of Learning is via Learning@Griffith. You may submit multiple files i.e. one for each lesson plan, or combine your lesson plans into one document (preferred). Please take care in submitting files. Submitting an 'incorrect' or corrupted file will be marked as submitted. It is your responsibility to select and submit files and check that the correct file has been uploaded or submitted. Files should be in a commonly used format e.g. doc or pdf. If using an Apple, Google, Linux, etc. word processor, save and submit as a .doc or .pdf file. You must provide a cover sheet, either as an additional file when submitting your assignment, or you can complete the following form.


Exceptional Circumstances

A Portfolio of Learning submitted after the due date, without an approved extension, will be penalised the standard penalty of 10% of the maximum mark applicable for the Portfolio of Learning for each working day or part working day that the item is late. Portfolio of Learning assessment submitted more than five working days after the due date are awarded zero marks.

Requests for an extension of submission time is available BEFORE the due date for the Portfolio of Learning. Requests of up to 1 week will be considered in exceptional circumstances with an extension request form and supporting documentation submitted before the due date. Medical certificates must include a professional opinion that you were impaired in your ability to complete the Portfolio of Learning.

Requests for special consideration is available AFTER the due date for the Portfolio of Learning but only where the assessment has been attempted. Requests will be considered if you can demonstrate that your performance in the assessment item was seriously affected, or you were seriously disadvantaged when the assessment item was attempted, on the grounds of illness, accident, disability, bereavement or other compassionate circumstances. Requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentary evidence, submitted AFTER the final due date, online, and NO LATER than three working days after the final due date of the Portfolio of Learning, so between 8 October 2018 and 11 October 2018. Where an alternative assessment is provided for you to complete, this will likely delay the publication of your grades for the course.

Requests for special consideration across all assessment in the course must be made by 11 October 2018.

Special Consideration


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