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Joyce Rachelle


Attend the tutorial to further explore the concepts presented this week. This week you will not have prepared lesson plans to share and receive feedback on, and then simulate using SimSchool. Instead we will explore how SimSchool works, how you should develop your lesson plans, and conduct some classroom activities that you can use as stimulus in developing your lesson plans for next week.


Digital Technologies Activity

In tutorial this week you will explore the use of the Bee Bots app and Bee Bot robots for teaching computational concepts such as sequencing.


  • iPad with BeeBot App

  • BeeBot

  • BeeBot Mats

Digital Technologies Activities

Preparation for Week 2

Create two lessons plans, one for Design & Technologies and one for Digital Technologies. You will share these in tutorial next week and conduct simulated teaching of your lessons. These count 0.5% each to your Log of Learning Activities.

While you are free to develop Lesson Plans on any Australian Curriculum: Technologies topics you wish, if you are stuck for ideas, prepare a Digital Technologies lesson to teach Year 1 students to Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems (ACTDIP004), using BeeBot robots, and/or a Design and Technologies lesson to teach Year 4 students to Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a product or system (ACTDEK011), using a Tower Design task.

Lesson Plans