Quest Atlantis

Quest Atlantis is a virtual world for students aged 9-16 originally developed using the Active Worlds engine. It is a multi-user virtual environment that immerses children in educational tasks as part of an online adventure to save Atlantis from an impending disaster. Quest Atlantis was originally designed and developed by a team at Indiana University led by Dr Sasha Barab and with the support of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. It combines elements of play, role playing, adventure, and learning, allowing members to virtually travel to three-dimensional Lands where they select developmentally-appropriate quests and talk with other questers and mentors. In 2011 Quest Atlantis Remixed was developed by a team at Arizona State University, again led by Dr Sacha Barab, with the support of a MacArthur Foundation grant.

Dr Zagami first began using Quest Atlantis in 2002 as part of the Australian Reference Group. He has used the environment with middle years students exploring quests to achieve a range of curriculum goals, with senior students studying computing and using it as a database driven environment where they managed the environment for use by younger students, by teacher education students as  an exemplar in the use of virtual worlds in upper primary/lower secondary education, and by students completing MEd's to explore the potential of virtual worlds to transform educational practice. In 2011 Dr Zagami was on the conference committee for the inaugural 2011 Quest Atlantis Teacher Education conference from 3 to 9 October, 2011.