Cognitive Visualisation

Dr Zagami is researching ways in which education can be improved through the visualisation of cognitive processes. He is using encephalographic (EEG) Emotiv headsets to gather neurological data, interpreting this data in realtime, and exploring methods of displaying this data e.g. using mobile devices and AR visors, to better inform learners and educators. Related research includes Neural Interfaces and Augmented Reality.

Research Projects

Published Research

  • Dynamic EEG Mapping as artistic expression Tuesday, 29 November 2011Dynamic EEG Mapping as artistic expressionZagami, J. (2011). Dynamic EEG Mapping as artistic expression. Paper presented at the Apple Universities Consortium Australia CreateWorld Conference, Brisbane ...
    Posted 6 Jun 2014, 00:10 by Jason Zagami
  • Brain Mapping Your Students Saturday, 18 June 2011Brain Mapping Your StudentsZagami, J. (June 2011). Brain mapping your students [Presentation slides]. Retrieved from ...
    Posted 6 Jun 2014, 00:09 by Jason Zagami
  • Neural Interfaces Saturday, 14 August 2010Neural InterfacesZagami, J. (August 2010). Neural Interfaces [Presentation slides]. Retrieved from at the Seventh National Interactive ...
    Posted 8 Oct 2011, 04:47 by Jason Zagami
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