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QSA Mathematics

posted 21 Sep 2011, 06:01 by Jason Zagami   [ updated 21 Sep 2011, 06:05 ]
On 8 December 2010, Australian education ministers endorsed the content for Foundation Year to Year 10 Mathematics.  Foundation (F) in the Australian Curriculum refers to the year before Year 1. In Queensland this year of schooling is called the Preparatory Year or Prep (P).

The QSA and Queensland's school sectors - Education Queensland, Queensland Catholic Education Commission and Independent Schools Queensland - have agreed on a staged approach to implementation of the P-10 Australian Curriculum.

In 2011, Queensland teachers have the opportunity become familiar with the new P-10 Mathematics curriculum by auditing and reviewing current programs and engaging with targeted professional development.

In 2012, Queensland schools will plan, teach, assess and report  Mathematics across all year levels using the Australian Curriculum. 

The QSA advises that teachers need to be prepared to use the following essential materials to develop their curriculum. Although these materials have been developed by different sources, all essential materials will be made available through QSA's website.

ACARA provides:

  1. content descriptions

  2. achievement standards

The QSA provides:

  1. assessment advice and guidelines

  2. reporting advice and guidelines

The QSA has developed the following resources to support Mathematics educators to plan for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum.