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Microsoft Mathematics

posted 21 Sep 2011, 06:09 by Jason Zagami

Microsoft Mathematics is an educational programme designed by Microsoft to help students learn, visualize and understand mathematical concepts. Subjects such as algebra, geometry, calculus, physics and chemistry are covered in this program. It is free and easy to install, provides step-by-step learning and powerful visualization tools which can help students to grasp the concepts behind the correct answers.

Microsoft Mathematics features include:

  1. A Full-Featured Graphing Calculator to better illustrate problems and concepts,

  2. Step-by-Step Equation Solver to learn how to solve difficult math problems,

  3. Formulas and Equations Library which consists of more than 100 commonly used equations and formulas to help identify and apply equations,

  4. Triangle Solver to explain triangle and their parts equations,

  5. Unit Conversion Tool which easily convert units of measure, including length, area, volume, weight, temperature, and so on,

  6. Ink Handwriting Support to recognize hand-written problems.

With Microsoft Mathematics, students can learn step-by-step to solve intimidating math problems and gain better comprehension on math concepts. Teachers can assist students to learn in depth the math concepts they are most interested in.

It must be downloaded and installed on a computer with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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