Week 9

You will again be provided an opportunity in this weeks lecture to participate in the PRO-Teaching (Peer Observation of Teaching) project. The project is looking at additional ways of supporting university staff in providing you with great learning experiences, two observers will join us to observe the lecture  and you will be asked to again complete a short survey at the end of the lecture. 

Required Readings PRIOR to Lecture 9 and Tutorial 9:

MMADD about the Arts Chapter 9: Putting it all together: Programming in the arts
Design and Technology for Children Chapter 10: Project Approach: Engaging in Technology Holistically

You do not need to complete the in-text activities as these will be addressed in tutorials but it is important that you have read the texts as this will be assumed in both lectures and tutorials.

Group 1 (Tutorial 15203 Thursday Noon - 4pm in G31 2.15) 
Group 2 (Tutorial 15202 Thursday Noon - 4pm in G31 2.17)
Group 3 (Tutorial 15204 Friday 8am - Noon in G31 2.15) 
Group 4 (Tutorial 15205 Friday 1pm - 5pm in G31 2.18)

Tutorial Resources

Clay and sculpting tools (2.07)
Webcams (2.17 and 2.18)
Musical instruments



Lecture 9

You should come prepared to discuss Project Approach: Engaging in Technology Holistically, and specifically:

Community project approach in technology;
Conclusion: Engaging children holistically.
A final word.

Lecture 9

You should come prepared to discuss putting it all together: Programming in the arts, and specifically:

Programming in arts education;
Generating (making), Realising (performing) and Responding (appreciating);
Purpose, content and teaching strategies;
Simple integrated arts programs covering all primary years: Introduction;
  • Sounds great;
  • "Advance Australia Fair!"
  • Antarctica: A cool experience!
Songs, activities and programs categorised into popular classroom themes.

Tutorial 9

In your tutorial you will undertake a variety of technology activities including:

ACTIVITY T10.1    Evaluation of a dish stacker

In your view, would the disk stacker be a suitable technology task for primary school children? Explain. Can you think of a community project that you could do?

ACTIVITY T10.2    Behaviour Traffic Light

View the following presentation "Behaviour traffic Light" and reflect on the story presented. Why is a project like this particularly suited for primary school children?


Tutorial 9

In your tutorial you will undertake a variety of Arts activities including:


Write an arts program for a selected class of children that includes discrete developmental learning activities and outcomes for each art form  and that integrates across the arts and with at least one other key learning area. 


Analyse what Multiple Intelligences have been included, what Productive Pedagogies are involved and what generic skills are being developed throughout the program. 

Select one of the example programs and adapt the ideas to suit a selected class, based on their previous experiences and abilities, skills and understandings within each art form.

Integration Activity I9

Augmented Reality

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