Vote 1AVote 1BWhat is Technology?  
Vote 2AVote 2B Who are examples of innovators in a. Information Technology b. materials technology and c. systems technology?
Vote 3AVote 3BTechnology education encompasses:
Vote 4AVote 4BWhich of the following have something to do with technology? Cheese, Cow, Chocolate, Book, Rain, Moon, Ants, Honey, Music, Rainbow
Vote 5AVote 5BShould girls and boys be taught technology differently?  
Vote 6AVote 6BName a non European invention 
Vote 7AVote 7BGive an example of a socially embedded technology 
Vote 8AVote 8BWhat measures determine a technologies appropriateness? 
Vote 9AVote 9BLink Technology and the Arts 
Vote 10AVote 10BGive examples of using art for communication or self expression 
Vote 11AVote 11BWhat aspects of cultural heritage and social identity can be passed on through the arts? 
Vote 12A Vote 12BWhat values or emotions have you had communicated through the arts? 
Vote 13A Vote 13BHow have the arts contributed to your personal development? 
Vote 14A Vote 14BWhat creative life skills have you developed through the arts? 
Vote 15A  Vote 15BWhy is important to develop artistic consumers? 
Vote 16A  Vote 16B In what ways have the arts contributed to your quality of life in the last 24 hours? 
Vote 17A  Vote 17B In the 90's a major change happened in arts education: 
Vote 18A  Vote 18B What is the most authentic way of viewing arts education? 
Vote 19A  Vote 19B Should arts education be conducted by specialist or generalists? 
Vote 20A  Vote 20B What is the most important knowledge, skills or attitudes does an arts teacher need? 
Vote 21 When is your first assessment, Learning Adventure 1, due?
Vote 22 What type of essay is it to be?