Workshop 3

Readings required BEFORE workshop:

Study the PDF or Flipbook report and you may also wish to explore the project Wiki and Presentation summary

We will also have a guest speaker, Amanda Marrinan. Please review her class website 

Amanda Marrinan is a Year Two Teacher at St John Vianney’s Primary School in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Amanda has effectively used blogging in early education to engage her students and enable them to become effective communicators. Students have taken ownership in the 2M Gems class blog by writing, collaborating, reading, and commenting on the class blog, as well as on individual blogs. The class participation in blogging has created transferable learning opportunities for literacy, numeracy, knowledge of other cultures, and digital and global citizenship. Amanda is passionate about embracing technology to enhance the learning of her students. In 2011 Amanda received the Kay L Bitter Award for excellence in technology based PK-12 education and in 2008 the QSITE teacher educator of the year award. 

In 2012 Amanda is blogging with her Prep class

In 2011 Amanda was blogging with her Year 2 class