Workshop 1

Required Reading BEFORE the workshop:

Nil for week 1

This week we will be introducing the course and what will be involved. I will give a presentation on ICT, Educational and Digital Technologies that will outline what is possible and then we will discuss how you can achieve this during the course, on practicum placement, and in educational careers. 

We will then have a guest speaker who will detail to you the Queensland Education departments online learning tool - The Learning Place. You will need access to this resource during the course as the 'required text' and we will be exploring how this resource can assist you on your learning journey as an example of a school/system digital learning environment.

Next we will explore some of the many educational technologies we will be using during the course and setting these up.

Finally we will setup the framework for your online blog and digital portfolio

Teaching and learning with ICT placemats


You will get nice A3 colour copies during the workshop 

TPACK Survey

Workshop Review