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Overview 4001EDN


Overview 1251EDN

Course Activities

To support your learning, we will use a discussion group with specific threads for discussion about each of the modules. While students are encouraged to assist each other in your learning via online discussion, all assessment is conducted individually. No student should provide details or assist others in any way in the completion of Level 1 and 2 activities. Behavioural Biometric analysis (including keystroke) may be used to determine if the pattern of online activity is atypical for individual students, with external students excluded from the course and enrolled students subject to academic dishonesty procedures. Level 2, 3 and 4 activities may be analysed by text matching services to ensure that the work has not been submitted previously, contain plagiarised material, or matches the profile of assignment writing services.

To support enrolled students more intensely, you will be assigned a tutor who will assist you in completing the course and assessment. You will meet weekly online with your tutor and a group of other students, and your tutor is your first point of contact to discuss your learning during the course. We will be using the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool for these sessions.

Each week we will hold an online (synchronous or 'live') presentation using Google+ Hangouts on a course topic. Several selected students will form an online panel and with the lecturer and online guests, conducting a dialogue about the topic. Other students can contribute questions and comments to be answered during the session and it will be recorded and posted on YouTube for later review.

Video walkthrough on how to access your online tutorial group using Collaborate

Online Session Schedule

During online presentations each week we will discuss various issues about the course and focus on particular modules during each session. These are not however content presentations and students are expected to have engaged with the available readings in preparation to contribute to the discussion each week either as a panel member or via questions to the panel. It is suggested that students not submit assessment for modules not yet discussed as points may be raised during online presentations that may assist in completing the assessment effectively for a module at all levels.

 Week 1 Introduction, course organisation and module DP1 ICT Integration.
 Week 2 Module ET1 Information and Communication Technologies.
 Week 3 Module ET2 Educational Gaming (while module DP2 Cognitive Technologies will be developed later, we will not be discussing it in lecture/discussions but you are welcome to explore it and engage with the activities.
 Week 4 Modules DP3 Learning Analytics,  DP4 Mobile learning Pedagogies, and DP5 Learning Management Systems.
 Week 5 ET3 Virtual Worlds in Education, and ET4 Augmented and virtual Reality, and ET5 Educational Robotics and Automation.
 Week 6 Modules DP6 Blended and Online Learning, DP7 Educational Technology Leadership, ET6 Visual Programming and Storytelling, and ET7 Adaptive Technologies.
 Week 7 Australian Curriculum: ICT General capabilities, implications for all teachers
 Week 8 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, implications for all teachers
 Week 9 ICT leadership in schools (Last week for 4001EDN students)
 Week 10 Australian Curriculum: ICT General capabilities, implications for secondary teachers
 Week 11 Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, implications for secondary teachers 
 Week 12 ICT leadership in a secondary environment (Last week for 1251EDN students)

Assessment Milestones

4001EDN Students

Week 3    Option for 4001EDN students to have a Portfolio of Learning Level 3 task item marked due 18 March 2013, 9am
Week 5    Feedback from optional Portfolio of Learning Level 3 task item    
Week 7    4001EDN students Log of Learning Activities due 22 April 2013, 9am    
Week 9    4001EDN students Portfolio of Learning due 6 May 2013, 9am   
Week 13   Feedback on remaining Portfolio of Learning task items 

1251EDN Students

Week 3    1251EDN students Portfolio of Learning (Item 1) due 18 March 2013, 9am
Week 4    1251EDN students Study Skills quiz due 22 March 2013, 5pm  
Week 5    Feedback from Portfolio of Learning Level 3 task item       
Week 10   1251EDN students Log of Learning Activities due 13 May 2013, 9am    
Week 12   1251EDN students Portfolio of Learning (Items 2 and 3) due 17 May 2013, 9am    
Week 15   Feedback on remaining Portfolio of Learning task items