Week 1

Week 1     Course Introduction

Video Presentation:               Course Introduction 

Please watch this by Thursday of Week 1

Video Presentation:               ICT Integration

Please watch this by Thursday of Week 1

Course Content:                    Course Introduction

Please have read and studied these texts by Thursday of Week 1

Video clips from the text


SAMR Model


Whole Course Discussion:    Course Introduction

  Watch Whole Group Discussions here on Thursday at 10am and if you wish to be a panel member, sign up below.

If you cannot ask questions using the Q&A panel (because you have not signed into Google+) please use TodaysMeet to ask your questions

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Drop In Session                Week 1 Only

4pm to 5pm in G30 room 2.15 on Monday (3 March) during week 1

Explanatory Videos covering much of the same content as the Drop In Session 

The university also provides an introductory course to online learning and tutorials in various Google tools.