Module 3

Required Readings PRIOR to Tutorial 3

Design and Technology for Children Chapter 3: Technology education curriculum

Additional readings include:

Queensland Essential Learnings: Technology:

You do not need to complete the in-text activities as these will be addressed in tutorials but it is important that you have read the texts as this will be assumed in both lectures and tutorials.

Tutorial Resources
Claymation material (plasticine, light boxes, lamps, sculpting tools, decorating material)
Coloured pens
Cardboard (white and a selection of colours, sufficient size for backdrops)
Cameras (webcams, video and still) and cables (batteries charged)
Puppets and puppetry resources
Puppet creation materials (2.07)
One theatre in each tute room + three in 2.07
Children books


Tutorial 3

In your tutorial you will undertake a variety of technology activities including:

ACTIVITY T3.1    What's in a name?

Undertake a web search of international curriculum sites [ref] List the names that countries give for technology education. Does curriculum stand alone or is it integrated into another learning area? Note what you find in a table with the following headings: 

    Country    Curriculum Name    Integrated or Stand Alone

ACTIVITY T3.2    Analysing key content

Select one key Australian or international curriculum document that features technology education and undertake a content analysis of the content.

  • Look for the names used to label key concepts in technology use (use Table 3.4 on page 75 as a guide), for example in Queensland the term 'Design Challenge' is used. In some states the words 'devise', 'plan' and 'design' are all used for the same process;

  • Determine how progressive or traditional the curriculum is in relation to the international literature that is suggesting creativity is important; and

  • Consider how technology education may be used to explore sustainability in an engaging way. For example in the Queensland curriculum there are statements such as:

    • undertand the nature and consequences of technology change within society and respond appropriately;

    • participate in the design and development of innovative technological products across a range of present and possible future contexts; and

    • respond appropriately to ethical dilemmas caused by the intended and unintended impacts of technological change on people and the environment.

Integration Activity I4

Digital Storytelling, Claymation, Puppetry, Machimina