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Introductory Lecture Slides

Tutorial sessions will be conducted using the Blackboard Collaborate tool that you will find on your L@G course website.

You can also access the Online Tutorials via an iPad by using the Collaborate app, to join a session on your iPad go to the L@G website and join a session in the calendar, this will then open the app and join the session. The app does not have quite the functionality of the desktop version i.e. no video or screen sharing, but it does provide you with a mobile way of participating in the tutorial.

Video Walkthrough on using the Collaborate tool for your Online Tutorial discussion 

The course is designed to be flexible in addressing your particular interests in Technologies education while retaining sufficient overall grounding to understand where these interests fit within the learning area as a whole.

There are seven modules provided for Digital Technologies and seven modules for Design and Technology.

The first two modules in each should be considered required as they cover the fundamentals of the course, with the remaining modules providing a mix of classroom activities based on age levels.

Assessment Summary

While you are encouraged to read into all of the modules and use Level 1 and 2 assessments to formatively diagnose your own learning, the formal assessment of your learning is structured as:

Log of Learning Activities (50% of marks)

You should complete the Level 1 (online quiz) assessment of any six modules (including the two required modules) by Week 6 on Friday at 5pm.
Each Level 1 quiz contributes up to 5% of your marks. (30% of marks)

You should complete the Level 2 (completion activities) assessment of any four modules by week 6 on Friday at 5pm.
        Each Level 2 completion activity contributes up to 5% of your marks. (20% of marks)

Portfolio of Learning (50% of marks)

You should complete the Level 3 (learning activities) assessment of any two modules by week 9 on Friday at 5pm.
Each Level 3 learning activity contributes up to 15% of your grade. (30% of marks)

You should complete the Level 4 (advanced activity) assessment of any one module by week 9 on Friday at 5pm.
The Level 4 advanced activity contributes up to 20% of your grade. (20% of marks)

There are no restrictions on what mix of activities you complete other than you have to complete the two required quizzes.

Level 1 and 2 assessment is by completion (Assessment available to all) and contributes 50% to the marks for enrolled students and 100% for external participants. These levels assess your understanding of the course content and the development of relevant skills. 

Level 3 and 4 assessment receives a level of achievement. (Assessment available only to enrolled students) and contributes 50% of the marks for enrolled students. These levels assess your initiative, interpretive and analytical ability and are assessed by tutors.

Course Activities

To support your learning, we will use a discussion group with specific threads for discussion about each of the modules. To support enrolled students more intensely, you will be assigned a tutor who will assist you in completing the course and assessment. You will meet weekly online or on campus with your tutor and a group of other students, and your tutor is your first point of contact to discuss your learning during the course. We will be using the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool for these sessions.

Each week we will hold an online (synchronous or 'live') presentation using Google+ Hangouts on a course topic. Several selected students will form an online panel and with the lecturer and online guests, conducting a dialogue about the topic. Other students can contribute questions and comments to be answered during the session and it will be recorded and posted on YouTube for later review. While we will have specific discussion groups for each module (that will include assessment activities for that module) and one on general aspects of assessment, the main discussion group (above) is for you to ask general questions and will also be used during online lecture sessions. You can vote up questions from other students that you would specifically like answered by clicking 'me too'. You will need to join each discussion group you wish to be part of, and can receive any posting to your email so you do not need to monitor the website.

Modules will be made available progressively during the course with D&T1 and DT1 available in Week 1, D&T2 and DT2 available in Week 2, and remaining modules available in Week 3.

Online lectures and tutorials will focus on discussions about:

   Lectures      Tutorials
 Week 1  D&T1 Module    No Tutorial
 Week 2  DT1 Module  D&T1 and DT1 Modules
 Week 3  D&T2 Module  D&T2 Module
 Week 4          DT2 Module  DT2 Module
 Week 5  Public Holiday  Public Holiday
 Week 6  D&T 3, 4 & 5, DT 3, 4 & 5 Modules  D&T 4 & 5, DT 4 & 5 Modules
 Week 7  D&T 6 & 7, DT 6 & 7 Modules  D&T 6 & 7, DT 6 & 7 Modules
 Week 8  Focus on assessment  Focus on assessment (Thursday Public Holiday)
 Week 9  Focus on assessment  Focus on assessment

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