RhD Students

Research Higher Degree Students

Jonathan Purdy (Processing)

Stephen Adu Gyamfi (Offered)

Using Information and Communication Technology to Re-Engineer Initial Teacher Education in Ghana.

Kelvin Param (Commenced)

The effect of tangibles on the acquisition of computer programming skills in junior high school students.

Brendon Waite S2740642 (Commenced)

TPACK and teacher confidence factors.

Paul Trotter s2752774 (Commenced)

An Examination of the Role of Technological Content Knowledge (TCK) and Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK) in the Development of TPACK of Experienced Teachers.

Fiona Banjer S0413026 (Commenced)

Lifelong learning capabilities of early phase students achieved using managed online tools.

Jamie Dorrington S2793182 (Confirmed)

Preparing for Disruption: A New Organisational Architecture for a Hybrid Blended Learning Environment.

Jafar Almalki S2825712 (Confirmed)

Improving the usage of ICT for teaching and learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Australia: A comparative study of ICT use in Saudi Arabian and Australian primary schools.

Vicki Knopki S0007667 (Confirmed)

Investigating strategies that can be used and embedded in order to increase the participation rates of females in Technology Education classrooms. How do the alignment of females and their associated values match Nationally through schools promoting the engagement of females in the light of the newly emerging national curriculum in Technologies.