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School of Education and Professional Studies
Griffith University Queensland Australia 4215
Room 3.23 Building G30 Gold Coast Campus

Email is always the most effective means of contacting Dr Zagami and students in particular should use this for all official communication concerning their studies.


Dr Zagami operates on Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) with no seasonal daylight savings / sumertime adjustments
He can generally be contacted until midnight but does not welcome contacts before 9am


Online status indicates possible availability

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Dr Zagami is speaking at these upcoming events

Contact Dr Zagami directly to discuss keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, consultancies, collaborative research & writing, professional development, etc. 
Examples available in Bellwether and Theora sections. PD bookings may also be arranged through the Centre for Continuing Professional Learning (CCPL)


Calendar to assist in identifying availability (subject to confirmation) for meetings and engagements

Students should make a prior appointment via email or by booking a consultation and providing some detail as to the purpose of the meeting.
Online consultations via skype or other online tools are encouraged and should be arranged via email. Note that all consultations may be recorded.


Times available for student consultations (Must be signed into a Google account)

Office Location

Dr Zagami's office in the School of Education and Professional Studies of Griffith University is on level 3 Room 3.23 in Building G30 off Multimedia Lane on the Gold Coast Campus of the university in Southport, Queensland, Australia.

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Multimedia Ln, Gold Coast QLD 4215

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Students are welcome to follow Dr Zagami's social media contributions on Twitter and Google+ but current students are asked not to request Facebook friending


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