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Collective Mind

Human species acting as a collective intelligence

Short term memory (STM) = media / political forums / money markets etc., drawing upon LTM for past responses, etc.

Long term memory (LTM) = academia / publishing / oral history / songs / stories / myths, etc.

respond to events of sufficient weighting in STM and if of sufficient import, adjust LTM

relies upon connectivity between nodes - individuals, organisations, countries etc.

STM becomes not only a mechanism to react to events but also the mechanism to respond and influence such events

Not yet conscious and certainly not yet self aware, but is this emergent of sufficient complexity?

Can the human species learn?

Can it be taught? How?

Can it have a morality? institutions such as UN, Red Cross, etc. vs wars, capitalism, etc.

Is connectivism a reflection of this collective mind?

Are social networks a mechanism to increase the complexity of the network

How is problem solving addressed by the collective mind?

It needs to occur at a collective and not individual level?

What mechanisms exist to enable / inhibit this?

What would be the psychological implications on humanity of a collective mind?

Would / could it go insane?

What would it mean for our sense of identity?