William Perry (1913-1988) nine stages of epistemological growth from dualists to relativists epistemologies and extended by Baxter Magolda's Model of Epistemological Reflection to encompass research students.

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Open Content
Making publicly available course resources
Open Collaboration Content- Public participation in content development

Open Publishing
Formatting resources for public access - online, ebooks, open journals, etc.
Open Collaboration Publishing - Public participation in publishing processes

Open Courses
Making publicly available participation in courses
Open Collaboration Courses - Public participation in teaching

Open Curriculum
Making publicly available curriculum
Open Collaboration Curriculum - Public participation in curriculum development

Open Assessment
Making publicly available assessment of student learning
Use of online, peer, gamified and portfolio based assessment approaches
Open Collaboration Courses - Public participation in assessment development

Open Credentialing
Contributing to a trusted yet open process of peer reviewed credentialing of student learning
While this has challenges in formal educational institutions, development opportunities exist in professional learning.